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Hosted Discussion Forum solution for your Coaching Center / Institute / College / University

Every organisation needs an online platform to discuss and share knowledge publicly.

In an education entitiy, Online Discussion Forums allow students to share their knowledge, and connect with students of similar interests to easily discuss topics publicly

We will make sure that your forum runs smoothly on our servers and that your website is safer, faster and better supported than anywhere else!

  • Elegant UI with Infinite Scrolling
  • Two-Pane Interface & Floating Composer
  • Our Forum is fully responsive by default.


List of special features of our discussion forum.

Elegant UI & Infinite Scrolling

The UI is streamlined so you can spend less time clicking and more time talking. Keep on scrolling, without having to wait for the next page of posts to load.

Two-Pane Interface

Quickly work your way through unread discussions, without having to go back to the discussion list. Bring your mouse to the left side of the screen and the discussion list will conveniently appear.

Fast & Lightweight

This forum is lightning fast. Not everyone has access to a speedy Internet connection. The assets are as small as possible, so your users won't turn away because a page is taking too long to load.

Floating Composer

Read while you write. Forum's reply form slides up from the bottom of the page, so you can scroll up to read posts – and even visit other discussions


Our Forum is fully responsive by default. The interface has been optimized for touch, with big buttons, smooth animations, and gestures aplenty.


Never miss a post. Or a Like. Or a Mention. Our Forum has first-class notifications out of the box.


Organising discussions has never been simpler. The flexibility of tags meets the structure of categories and sub-forums.

Replies & Mentions

Mention users and reply to specific posts to make the discussion flow. Linear discussion just got an added dimension.

Powerful Permissions

Take control of your forum with fine-grained permissions. Assign permissions per-tag for extra flexibility.

Why choose us?

Experience Matters! We have been in IT industry for over 15 years. We are expert in Web Server management.

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Still have a question? Just WhatsApp it on +91 9561 204 888 or send email at We will get back to you. .

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